Walking the Walk

I have always known that our partners that comprise the Connecticut Children’s Collective are led by a group of smart, dedicated, energetic, and hard-working people who have devoted their lives to advocating for the families and communities they serve. They love children, that is clear. In the last weeks they, as well as thousands of early childhood professionals around the country have rallied together as one voice to urge Congress to recognize that the national childcare landscape is in crisis, by supporting the $50 billion Child Care Stabilization Fund within the Child Care and Development Block Grant. Our own Robin Comey, Democrat of Branford, as well as Executive Director of the Branford Early Childhood Collaborative wrote this op-ed that was published in the Hartford Courant on July 18, 2020. In it she writes:

“It is time we collectively prioritize children and their caregivers in our society. As Connecticut employers begin expecting parents to return to the workforce, child care is going to play a key role in the recovery. If this industry fails, we will all be affected, and the economy will suffer beyond anyone’s imagination.

The fight is on, for the health of our children, our families, our state and our nation. These uncharted times demand bold, decisive action, and none is as important — for all of us — as the decision to stabilize our child care industry.”

We could not agree more. The Act passed the House, and now it is in the Senate please use this link to find how to contact your representatives to urge your senators to vote to pass this into legislation! If you can’t call use this link to email your senators. The fight is not over, we must continue to advocate for the children and families we love so much.

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