The Connecticut Project Action Fund Workshop

On January 17, 2024 the Collective welcomed Coralys Santana, Policy and Advocacy Strategist, as well as Mathias Burner, Engagement and Mobilization Manager with The Connecticut Project Action Fund as our first guests in the new year! As many know, a new state law will prevent nearly 9,000 children from starting kindergarten next year, and burden their families with unexpected childcare costs, creating uncertainty for parents of young children about whether there will be room for them in preschool. The CT Project is gearing up for the upcoming legislative session to appeal to lawmakers to offer support to the parent and families who will be affected by this new law, and they need your support!!

If you missed the workshop you can access it through this link:

Here are the slides of the presentation for you to review: Kindergarten_Start_with_Equity_ParentPresentation

Below are Coralys and Mathais’ contact information, as well as ways in which you can help with this action– we hope that you raise your voice in as much as you are able.

Contact: Coralys Santana

Policy & Advocacy Strategist

P: 475-900-9214

E: [email protected]

Mathias Burner

Engagement & Mobilization Manage


E: [email protected]

Sign the open letter to lawmakers to support CT Families:

Book Time with us to share your story:

Find out who your legislators are & contact them:

Share this with 5 parents and encourage them to make their voices heard: 

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