Our Collective Wisdom Series ~Stories for Growth: Making Meaning of Emotions

On May 15th Tony B. Nelson, Project Manager of a group known as Parents Leading the Way to Social Emotional Learning, which began in Wethersfield, along with the Network’s own SEL4CT Campaign Coordinator, Ashton Gauthier who has been working with them, joined us to speak about this grass-roots, completely parent-led group.

The primary goal of Parents Leading the Way to SEL (PLWSEL) is to provide support and encourage parents, educators, and families to take active roles in their children’s social and emotional well-being with a focus on emotion regulation skills and emotional empowerment.

Stories for Growth: Making Meaning of Emotions” is a collection of animated videos and community resources. These resources were designed by parents for parents: (biological, adoptive, or foster), grandparents, caregivers, educators, and all others who care for children.

We invite all caring adults to strengthen their emotional intelligence skills and develop helpful strategies. These skills and strategies equip us to strengthen our relationships and guide children. Skilled adults are supportive adults.

Click on the link below to visit their website.

And click here for a full recording of the Connecticut Children’s Collective’s workshop.

Mr. Nelson currently is the National Mobilization Director for Fathers In Education. He is responsible for developing network partnerships with Fatherhood, Community programs throughout the Northeast Region – The Goal of Fathers In Education is to identify / address
Reading Deficiencies of Children throughout the Nation. Mr. Nelson’s group is currently consulting with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence performing Parent Leadership training with cohorts based in Hartford County. He consults with The Connections, Inc., and its Institute for Innovative Practice providing research relating to Father’s Attitudes and Behaviors Towards Young Children’s Emotions. He is certified in Human Research training which was administered by Yale University.

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