Our Summer Listening Tour

By Barbara Vita —

I have recently completed a “listening tour” where I traveled around the state and was privileged to visit over twenty-five local partnerships.

I was able to discuss and understand the incredible scope of work that is being done to improve upon the lives of children and families throughout Connecticut. I am proud of this work that our local partners are accomplishing, and excited that the Connecticut Children’s Collective is helping them along the way.

Here’s some of what we found: Parent educators are being welcomed into homes to teach about the important developmental milestones. There are thousands of preschoolers across the state that are given the opportunity to be “ready for Kindergarten” through our School Readiness efforts measured through the Connecticut Documentation and Observation for Teaching Systems. Child assessments are being conducted through the Ages & Stages Questionnaire, to determine the health of all of our state’s children, cognitively, physically, and emotionally. Local referrals are being made to Birth to 3, and local health services ensuring that children receive the help they deserve and parents receive the supports that they need. Parents are earning their General Education Diploma, taking English Language Learners and citizenship classes. Play groups are offered so both toddlers and mothers can socialize, have fun, and learn a little something while they’re at it.

Our local partners make sure that families and children have their basic human needs met. They provide referrals to health, dental, and mental health services. They provide referrals for assistance with utilities and housing needs. They provide food and diapers. They provide a smile, a helping hand, and most importantly, hope. It’s a privilege to work together with these amazing folks who are at the heart of the Connecticut Children’s Collective.

The featured picture is a representation (in their own words) of the work that our local partners provide to their communities. Inspiring!

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