Children’s Books on Hand Washing and Germs

Sometimes kids learn best when they can relate to a situation—books are the best vehicle for kids learning about difficult situation and being able to empathize with the story’s characters. Offering these books to children may help them contextualize the COVID-19 Virus and understand why it’s important to stay clean.

Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting… But Invisible Germs
by Judith Anne Rice

Germs Make Me Sick
by Melvin Berger

The Ten Potato Scrub
by Marjorie T. Cooke

Buddy Bear’s Hand Washing Troubles
by Marjorie T. Cooke

Your Skin and Mine
by Paul Showers

Wash Your Hands!
by Tony Ross

Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You
by Trish Rabe

For a more detailed look at teaching children about the importance of washing hands and good hygiene please click here to visit the guide for teaching hand hygiene by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Children can grow anxious and overly stressed due to all of the news coverage and talk about the COVID-19 Virus. Click here to read a great article about anxiety and the books and resources available to parents and caregivers.

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