The Cook Center for Human Connection~ Full Workshop Recording

The Connecticut Children’s Collective was pleased to present a workshop highlighting the work of The Cook Center for Human Connection on Wednesday November 16, 2022. We welcomed guest speakers Adele Winter, Director of Growth, who introduced us to so many FREE resources for families regarding help for mental health issues within their families. Below is the full workshop recording, we strongly encourage you to watch it.

The Cook Center for Human Connection is a non-profit, family foundation focused on providing families with access to mental health resources from the privacy of their home. They do this by partnering with school districts across the country, as they know that nearly 80% of families rely on the school system for mental health support. Their goal is to empower and educate families, so that parents can confidently address mental health concerns with their child.

They provide many no-cost resources to help your parents and staff! Please check out the following links: – Geared towards parents, teachers, staff, or any other adult, with over 50 courses run by leading, licensed mental wellness professionals. Topics include: social media, suicide ideation, anxiety and depression, de-escalating conflict, and many others.

My Life is Worth Living  – The first animated series for teen mental health. (listed on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as a youth and Spanish resource)

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Barbara Vita at:

[email protected]

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