Spotlight on Social-Emotional Learning: Learn How to Make a Scripted Story

Making Scripted Stories for Home and School

Scripted stories can be a valuable visual tool in the classroom and at home! Scripted stories can help a child understand what to expect during new situations or everyday routines and provide examples of what to do.

Making a Scripted Story for Early Childhood Education and Care Environments

Families can make a scripted story at home with the new Making a Scripted Story tip sheet.

Making a Scripted Story

Want to help families understand scripted stories? Show them an example! Here are two sample scripted stories showing a child learning the steps to brushing teeth and cleaning up toys. Additional tip sheets highlight the important considerations for making each of these scripted stories.

Also in Spanish:  Making a Scripted Story (Spanish)

I brush my Teeth (Example/Spanish)

Cleaning Up My Toys (Example/Spanish)

Many Thanks to Lisa Swain, Director of the Pyramid Partnership with the Office of Early Childhood for providing these resources to the Collective!

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