Leading Together: Parent Partnership with a Policy Purpose

On September 29, 2021 the Collective was very pleased to welcome Vito Borello, Executive Director of the National Association for Family, School, and Community, along with his colleagues Reyna Hernandez,  Senior Director of Research and Policy and Bianca Scott, NAFSCE Parent and Family Leaders Council Chair.

Participants shared in an interactive workshop that explored parent engagement through organizational representation, specific to the OEC’s Parent Cabinet and our local partners’ Parent Ambassadors. Bianca Scott was quoted as saying, “Everyone is different and we need every type of parent in the work. So some are going to be very outgoing and have those impromptu meetings, but some are only going to start in their comfort zone. We need parents that are shy, reserved, and quiet too because they can start letter-writing campaigns or get other parents in their trusted networks to do what they are comfortable with. Everyone isn’t going to start out loud and proud, but we use the strengths we have to build capacity. Some may always be that quiet reserved individuals, others will outgrow that, but we need them all.”

If you missed the workshop you can watch it entirely here.

To learn more about NAFSCE, including becoming a member, please visit their website here.



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