COVID Straight Talk

What is COVID Straight Talk

COVID Straight Talk is a public health campaign raising awareness that COVID-19 is airborne and encouraging people to adopt harm reduction measures to keep themselves and their communities safe. The website is a set of bilingual (Spanish and English) guides for workers, employers, and HVAC professionals on reducing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, with a strong focus on air safety. The website is filled with practical hacks, posters to hang up, and resources for staying safe for people working indoors.

We’ve cut through conflicting messaging on COVID-19 safety. We’ve worked with experts on air safety, public health, and disaster response to give you the straight talk on COVID. We’ve translated government and professional issued guidance (CDC, ASHRAE, OSHA). We’ve created a call-to-action for people to “Get M.A.D. and Stay Safe”, based on the acronym M.A.D. which stands for masks (M), keeping indoor air fresh (A), and maintaining physical distance (D).

The site’s Get M.A.D. Survey gives people customized recommendations on how to stay safe. The survey will also generate much-needed data on workers’ experiences. We will open-source the data for policymakers and researchers. If you’re a researcher or you are interested in the data, contact us.

COVID Straight Talk is a project of Last Mile. Last Mile is an entirely volunteer run non-for-profit entity based in NYC whose mission is to protect communities most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded in March 2020 during the start of the pandemic in the USA, Volunteers came together to addresses the “last mile” challenges related to COVID-19. Our first program, P.P.E. Now!, is a grassroots P.P.E. distribution groups in infection hotspots across the U.S.A. We’ve now expanded to our second program in public health education with the launch of COVID Straight Talk. We are fiscally sponsored by the Urban Justice Center, one of the most extensive legal service organizations in the United States protecting vulnerable communities
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