Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood’s April Pyramid Page!

Thanks you to OEC’s Education Consultant, Michelle Levy, Ph.D, for providing these valuable tools that can be used to help children– and adults– better manage their emotions and feelings.  Check out April’s Pyramid Page!

Whether one is young, or young at heart, a common thread present throughout the aging process is emotion. There are a wide range of emotions one can feel, such as joy, sadness, and frustration.  Sometimes these emotions present strongly in a person’s life, especially young children; this especially holds true when a child is angry.  In the April Pyramid Pages, learn tools on how to help your child recognize and understand what they’re feeling, as well as ways to appropriately express oneself when angry.  When children are taught to recognize and understand anger in themselves and others, they are less likely to express anger in aggressive and destructive ways.  Developing an ability to self-regulate feelings and solve problems is a life-long skill, a skill that promotes healthy and happy children…children who will one day grow up to become adults. Learn more by reading our April newsletter.


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