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ACF’s Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) is hosting a series of conversations with key cross-sector partners throughout October and targeted engagements during the week of October 26th, 2020 to bring new insights for how RADICAL family engagement could change the landscape of education and early childhood systems, starting in the early years.
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Overview: Radical Family Engagement has yet to be fully realized or embraced by K-12 and other systems serving children and families. We are at critical moment to bring public and private stakeholders together, with parents at the center, to learn, re-think, shift the current philosophy, and co-create a more meaningful system that is grounded in equity and Radical Family Engagement.
Purpose: To prioritize Radical Family Engagement through shared learning to deepen our understanding about what is needed to authentically engage parents and cross-sector partners to ensure successful transitions for children from early childhood programs to K-12.
Result: Identify and commit to 3 tangible shared actions in 2020-2021 to advance radical family engagement strategies around transitions of young children from early childhood programs to K-12 – at the federal level and in partnership with our stakeholders.
They’re going to highlight a few examples of work being done, here’s what they asked:
  • What innovative approaches have you seen in the last few months to reach out and engage parents whose children are involved in virtual learning while in child care?
  • What supports are being provided to parents?
  • Are there other examples of “radical family engagement” (non-traditional, out-of-the box approaches) you’ve witnessed post-COVID that you think are worth noting?
We hope you will join the conversation!
To find out more about the workshops being offered from October 26- October 30, visit here.

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