The OEC’s Parent Cabinet Information Session & Keeping it Real

If you missed the OEC’s Parent Cabinet Information Session on June 11, 2021 you can find the recording here.
In the recording you will hear from parents and community leaders who have been working on this project since the beginning.  You will learn how the OEC is interested in getting as many parents from across the state involved as possible so that our communities truly are a reflection of those who live within them.
The Connecticut Children’s Collective is excited for the opportunity to be working together with the OEC to provide support to our local partners as they find parents from their communities who want to serve as parent ambassadors for the Parent Cabinet.
The OEC and the Connecticut Children’s Collective are committed to making sure that parents are part of the discussion as we move on from COVID-19. Parents and caregivers really are the key ingredient to creating impactful and sustainable services and programs that will help children and families grow and thrive throughout Connecticut.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the OEC’s video campaign, For Families, By Families — Keep It Real you can here! Not only does it give parents a voice, but it allows families to learn from one another. Get honest, unfiltered perspectives from other Connecticut parents about key topics — everyday challenges, parenting during COVID-19, and confronting racial injustice. Check out the website and videos here.

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