Great Community Work by Great By 8!

We wanted to share the results of some great community work by Great By 8 in West Hartford regarding care for infant and toddlers.  Please see the brochure Finding High-Quality Childcare for Infant and Toddler in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese as well as our recently completed video in English.  The translations and the video are results of the support from CT Early Childhood Funder Collaborative.  

Here is a glimpse of what you can find:

High-quality infant and toddler care is a critical support for working families. Use this checklist to shape your family’s search for high-quality care. Though safety is paramount, strong relationships, exploration, and engagement
are also critical for rapidly developing brains.

Indoor/Outdoor Space; Health & Safety; Partnering with Parents; Child-Centered Approach; Staffing & Planning Structure

Kudos to Great By 8 and all the folks who contributed to making this happen for the parents and caregiver they serve!

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