COVID-19 Helpful Hints

Useful Information for Parents and Providers Regarding the COVID-19 Virus

If there is a COVID-19 outbreak in your community, local public health officials may decide to temporarily close schools and childcare centers to help slow the spread of the virus. Schools also may decide to dismiss students early if there are too many students or staff absent.

Be sure your child’s school knows how to get in touch with you. Many schools use email to update families. Working parents can be prepared by having alternative childcare plans or talking with their employers about work from home options during school closings. If you are an administrator of a school or childcare center be sure that all of your parent/caregiver contact information is current.

If your child attends a college or university, encourage them to learn about the school’s plan for a COVID-19 outbreak.

For an extensive list of helpful tips as well as printable resources for parents and staff related to communities, schools, childcare providers, businesses, and for travel, please click here to visit Connecticut’s official state website.

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