Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week May 3-7, is Teacher Appreciation Week culminating on Friday when Childcare Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated. We must give a HUGE shout-out to all of the devoted men and women around the country and great state of Connecticut who are devoted to the betterment of children and families. Teachers are so important for all ages and stages of a child’s development, especially now, as we are coming out of the pandemic and beginning to rebuild our country and our schools. As teachers have adapted their lesson plans and delivery methods to virtual, hybrid, and in-person, they have also acting as touchstones to their students, helping them feel connected to their classes, schools, and communities.

So many early childhood teachers have put their lives on the line by continuously teaching and caring for  children throughout the pandemic. They have adapting to social-distancing procedures and protocols while maintaining quality learning opportunities, and social-emotional supports. This has certainly been very stressful.

All teachers have created lesson plans, modified behavior plans, differentiated teaching techniques, performed individual students assessments, and satisfied professional development requirements, all while managing and coping with their own fears of spreading or catching the Coronavirus in concert with easing the fears of their students, as well as their own families.

So please be sure to thank a teacher, not just this week, but every day for the incredible love they have for children and the students they hold in their hearts.  Please enjoy this video from Edutopia as it represents so well the teaching experience throughout the pandemic.

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