Hidden Dangers of Button Batteries

Recently, one of our local early childhood collaborative partners, Enfield KITE (Key Initiatives to Early Education) sponsored a live talk on the Hidden Dangers of Button Batteries. They wanted to share this powerful and moving event with the rest of the Collective and with whomever is in its reach.

One of KITE’s PreK parents from the Stowe Early Learning Center reached out to the director about putting on a talk for families.  Over a year ago, her then 10-month-old unbeknownst to her, swallowed a button battery.  It was because of her persistence, and mom-instincts that her son, Rowan is here today, thriving.  She recognized something wasn’t right and INSISTED on an x-ray that revealed the battery stuck in his esophagus.

Since learning of this danger, members of KITE in attendance have done a personal inventory of their own homes. What they found was these battery buttons are very common: LED string lights, remote controls operate via a button battery, musical greeting cards…  and the list goes on. There is legislation working on the issue, and Duracell is committed to coating the batteries with an awful taste to deter children from ingesting batteries. Please spread the word and be extra vigilant around your little ones.

Here is a link to the video.  *warning may be a trigger for some*

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