Connecticut Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)

You never know what your day will bring. One particular day I had a Zoom call with a woman named Tigger, she wanted to share with me how her organization, Bikers Against Child Abuse, or B.A.C.A., helps children who have been victims of abuse, and their families, heal and find hope. How could I not share the story of this international organization that is devoted to protecting and caring for our most vulnerable population? Tigger gave me some history and explained that she wants to raise awareness of B.A.C.A. as a resource and lifeline for parent who are experiencing feeling helpless in making their children feel safe and secure in the world again.

As their Mission Statement says:

“Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc. (B.A.C.A.) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obstacle preventing a child from further abuse, we stand ready to be that obstacle.” 

Here is a link to their website which has a wonderful video explaining their history and work process.

And here is a link to a story from CBS News reported a few years back explaining more about the impact they have on the lives of children.

Here are links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Tigger simply wants to get more awareness of their organization out into the Connecticut communities. She, along with so many of us, know that with COVID the number of child abuse cases has risen, we need to band together as a larger community to support and care for those who are victims of child abuse so they can heal and recover. If you know of any families who need their help, have them contact B.A.C.A. via their CT Hotline: 860-420-7388.

If you would like to have B.A.C.A. visit your community please email Tigger, the CT Chapter’s Child Liaison, at [email protected]

The old adage says that you can never judge a book by its cover– well these bikers have some of the biggest hearts and take their charge very seriously that they are “Keepers of the Children.” We need more people like them in our world.


  • Marc Morasse
    February 1, 2023

    My brother is looking to get into h with the president of Connecticut chapter

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