The Connecticut Children’s Collective’s 2023 Data Report is Here!

The Connecticut Children’s Collective is proud of the work we have accomplished in 2023! Our 2023 Data Report shows that what we are doing is working to bring equitable and and positive outcomes to the children and families that our local early childhood collaboratives serve! Thank you to ALL those who make our work possible. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Below is a section of the report, click the button to view the full report.

“This second annual data report demonstrates the progress made collectively over the year. Perhaps the most significant finding is that, through a mix of in-person and virtual meetings, local collaboratives connected directly with 4,538 people, three times the number of connections made in 2022. Other qualitative stories are highlighted throughout to demonstrate the significant impact even one of these interactions can have.

The Connecticut Children’s Collective, together with its local collaboratives and state partners, has steadily and consistently proven to be an integral part of the early childhood landscape in Connecticut for the 52% of children born in communities that have such services.”

Final CTCC 2023 Report Updated 

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