April is Autism Awareness Month

The Choose Love Movement was started by Scarlett Lewis, the mother of Jesse, one of the young victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012. Soon after, Scarlett decided that she would begin Choose Love Movement with the goal of promoting social-emotional learning and character development in schools throughout the country. To learn more about the Choose Love Movement visit here.
In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Scarlett has a candid conversation with her friend, Judy Thomas, an advocate for autism whose son, Lyle, has a pervasive development disorder.
Both Scarlett and Judy shed light on the need for change in the school system to better serve children who have autism or other developmental condition. Learn how difficult it is on parents, and receive advice on ways parents can help their children flourish and live an independent life with hope and positivity.
Lyle Vetare is a young man with autism who is employed at a local hotel, La Quinta Hotel. He shares how he was bullied by other students at school and how it made him feel a lot of sadness.
Hear his advice on how others can make life better for people like him. An important tip he offers is “give kids confidence in their abilities.”

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