Collective Workshops

Intro to Branding and Marketing for Nonprofits, JAN 2022

 Capital Workforce Partnerships, AUG 2021

 The OEC’s Parent Cabinet Information Session & Keeping it Real, JUN 2021

Sparkler App, APR 2021

 Childhood Conversations Together We Will Virtual Conference, APR 2021

Collective’s Winter Quarterly Meeting, DEC 2021

CQI Training – Improving Parent Engagement, Morning Session, Afternoon Session, OCT 2021

Connecting to Care CT, OCT 2021

 My Reflection Matters (Part 1, Part 2– A three part workshop focused on race & equity (Please note permission to record the workshops were prohibited, please click on the link for valuable resources shared by Ms. Morales-James.), SEP, OCT, & DEC 2021

Leading Together: Parent Partnership with a Policy Purpose, SEP 2021